D. Reed is “FM98 Strong Inspirations with Deborah Smith Pollard” and

DetroitGospel.com’s spotlight artist for May 2012. His new CD, “Storm Is Over,” featuring the stirring title track and

the smash single, “No Way,” is available at: Amazon.com, iTunes, and in stores. For more info check out David Reed on Facebook, AmenGospel.com, www.YouTube.com/dreedmusic, www.twitter.com/gospetality, and instagram @dreed_music.

We asked D. Reed a few questions about the work that went into making his new

project happen.

What are some of the innovative ways you’re promoting your project?

Along with tried and true methods of promoting, I am promoting heavily via social networking sites. Also, I’ve been doing a lot of secular venues and events. In a way, killing 2 birds with one stone by getting the message to the unsaved and unchurched as well as promoting my project. My mother always says to be an effective fisherman, you have to go where the fish are!

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists about the creative process and/or surmounting any hurdles artists may encounter?

The only advice I have is to craft a plan according to the vision God gave you, trust the plan and the vision, and stick to the plan and the vision. A fall-back is awesome, but a “plan B” suggests that there is a possibilty of failure and God CANNOT fail. Therefore, if He told you to do it, you can put all your eggs in His basket AND you can count the chickens before they hatch.