Michigan District Baptist Association 88th Annual Session, July 19th –
24th, 2015, “Church Life Matters” (Matthew 16:13 -19 & Haggai 1-9).
Rev. Dr. Steve Bland, Jr. – MDBA Moderator. Lectures at 6:15PM: Dr.
Riggins Earl, Professor at ITC in Atlanta, GA. A Week of Teaching,
Preaching, & Worship! Messiah Baptist Church, 8100 W. 7 Mile Rd.,
Detroit, MI, Rev. Orville Littlejohn – Host Pastor. Schedule of Services
@ 6PM…Sunday Night Opening Service: Tribute to the late Pastor Oscar
Hayes; Rev. James Jones to Deliver the Message. Monday: Laymen’s Night;
Deacon Ray Nelson, Pres. Tuesday: Women’s Night; Rev. Pattie Dexter,
Pres. Wednesday: Congress Night; Rev. Dr. Wilma Johnson, Pres. Thursday:
Moderator’s Night; Rev. Dr. Steve Bland Jr., Moderator. Friday: Youth
Night; Ruth Evans, Pres.