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Dr. Arletha Anderson First to Bring “Non Surgical Lipo” to Michigan



NuU Skin Care is proud to offer for the first time in Michigan the latest program for safe and effective NON SURGICAL fat & cellulite removal AND SKIN TIGHTENING. Mesotherapy has been around for a while in Michigan with a few practioners using it to safely to remove fat and cellulite. For the first time in Michigan , Dr. Arletha Anderson has gone way beyond stand alone Mesotherapy by adding Carbon Dioxide Therapy ( CDT ) called Hydro-Carbossi, which has been used by European cosmetic dermatologists for years. Now available in the USA , Dr. Anderson is the first board certified physician in Michigan to bring this exciting breakthrough in fat & cellulite removal AND skin tightening. Mesotherapy alone does effectively remove fat and cellulite, but there can be some skin sagging because of the fat removal. Hydro-Carbossi  causes even more fat and cellulite removal AND immediate skin tightening resulting in a dramatically better overall natural result. Dr. Anderson is the first Michigan physician trained in this procedure and is glad to offer this exciting new NON SURGICAL alternative to Lipo Suction. With this new procedure, there is no down time as with Lipo Suction (6 weeks or more) And, the cost is hundreds vs. thousands with traditional surgical Lipo Suction. Also, since the patients are completely awake during the short procedure rather than under anesthesia for hours with Lipo, it is much safer. Dr. Anderson would welcome interviews and be glad to give personal demonstrations of her new technique for safe, effective, and non surgical removal of fat, cellulite, and skin tightening for the media.


Dr. Anderson can be reached at NuU Skin Care at 248-395-6201 for interviews and demonstrations.



              Comparison between Traditional Lipo Suction & Hydro-Carbossi


                      Traditional Lipo Suction       New Hydro-Carbossi


Surgery required?          Yes                                    No

Anesthesia required?      Yes                                    No

Patient awake?               No                                    Yes

Can use on Face?           No                                    Yes

Procedure time?             Hours                                30 minutes or less

Post Pain control?          Oral Narcotics                   Oral Tylenol or Motrin

Downtime?                    1 ½ to 2 months                 1 ½ to 2 days

Cost?                            Thousands                          Hundreds