Are you looking for a Christ-centered K-12
school to educate your child? Come visit us at a Westside Christian
Academy OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, February 26, 2015, 6:00 to 8:00 PM.
At Westside Christian Academy: Instruction is driven by the A Beka
program, a college preparation curriculum; A 95% graduation rate has
been maintained for the past three years; In the past four years, 90% of
all graduates have gone to either a community college or a four-year
college. Westside offers year-around educational opportunities; A
regular academic schedule (September through June) plus a nine-week
summer school program offering academic work in the morning and
enrichment activities in the afternoon. Westside Christian Academy, 9540
Bramell (north of W. Chicago & west of W. Outer Drive), Detroit,
Michigan 48239, Phone: 313-255-5760 / Fax: 313-255-0809. Henry Wells,
Principal / Dr. Ken Hall, Superintendent / Daryl Ounanian, Founder,